The Looming Lome star Debacle

Dear Librans,

I’m honestly more than a bit perplexed at the Texas governor’s decision this week to do away with the mask mandate AND allowing businesses to open at 100% capacity beginning on March 10. 😟

Allegedly, this decision was a pure political one and not based on medical advice — most likely due to the hands-off approach bye the Texas state republican Legislature that left mini Texans with out power and/or water After what was lovingly referred to as “snowmageddon.” You see, 2022 is our “general election” cycle here in Texas and the governor is up for reelection.

Health experts are still urging Texans to keep wearing masks as new and more contagious variants of the virus emerge. Hospitalizations continue to decrease after January record highs, but the state is also still averaging more than 200 deaths a day.

The Texas Tribune spoke to some small business owners — “…At least one business owner, Macy Moore of HopFusion Ale Works in Fort Worth, said Wednesday on CNN that he had not slept since Abbott’s announcement because he’s so worried about the health and safety of his staff. Others, like Anne Ng of Bakery Lorraine in San Antonio, have decided to keep mask requirements in place for staff and customers regardless of what Abbott and the state government say.”

Yes, it’s up to individual Texans to keep themselves safe but that prospect will become exponentially more difficult to do with no mandates in place. My personal mask wearing will protect those who choose not to wear a mask from me but I won’t be protected at all from non-mask wearers.

I’m still going to self-quarantine, Wear my mask when I do have to go out, keep 6 feet distance and wash my hands/use hand sanitizer. I’m not eligible just yet to receive the vaccine. I Will continue to support local business by ordering products to be delivered and requesting contactless delivery.

I can only Hope that many more Texans will be like me so we can get back more to a semblance of normal soon…

Love and Light!