Write a Detailed Life Goals List

Have you ever tried to make a plan for major life goals? Successful people have been using plans for hundreds of years to achieve the goals that will help them in the future, but if you’re new at it., you might feel sort of apprehensive. The positive thing here, is that this entry has been written to help you get started on a path towards achieving goals, and to get you in the right mindset, you’ll find a detailed list of life goals here to try out.

Get Healthier

Health should be considered a top priority in your life, no matter what your goals are, even when you are focusing more on self-love and self-care. Taking better care of your health can become a way to practice more self-love on a daily basis. If you’re not doing great with being healthy, it can help you passively to spend some time getting that figured out.

Being healthy means that you’ll be able to have greater focus in life, as well as a sharper ability to solve problems. When you’re starting to create your list of goals, keep in mind that they should be things that are easy for you to track. That means that you should be able to figure out what you’ll need to do to get to those goals.

Be sure to write out the list with each of the details, so for example, part of getting healthier will be making sure that you’re getting the proper nutrition, so you might put down that you will learn about nutrition, buy the right foods, and make sure to do some kind of meal preparation. As you complete the list, you’ll have a much clearer picture of what your next few months will be like.

Learn to Balance Your Moods

There are some days when it just seems like people aren’t on your side, but how do you deal with your anger? If you’ve been wanting to learn how to control your temper in a way that helps you to improve your relationships with others and cultivates a milder spirit, the first step is to realize that you’re the one who is in control of how people make you feel. When people fall short of your expectations, it’s important to remember that not every trespass is a personal attack against you. Most people are relatively concerned with their own issues and daily business then who else is around them, and there could easily be details that have escaped you.

Another thing to think about somewhat seriously, is how anger and stress can exact a hefty toll in the body over a sustained period of time. Intense emotional stress can bring about and aggravate some illnesses in people. Having that much negativity can also harm vital organs like your heart, so learning to take it easy can also extend your life in some ways.

Get a Grip on Your Finances

IN a time of uncertainty, it can be really difficult to make the needed changes that will allow you to save money. If you don’t feel as though you can make it in the amount of money that you currently make, then it will be important to find out how you can make more money, and the steps that you need to take to get there. Once you see a clear path, it’ll remove a lot of the stress of having to think about your finances.

Some people might even feel like it’s important to hire or see a professional that can help them to gain better control over their financial health. It takes a serious and honest look at your habits and lifestyle to see what you may need to do. Something as simple as an old unpaid bill can create some issues.

Become a Better Communicator

The majority of problems that people face in any kind of relationship are usually caused by poor communication techniques. People who haven’t developed a clear and honest communication technique can cause a lot of frustration to the people around them at work, school and home. If you find yourself prone to disagreements, then it might mean that there is something that you’re not conveying in a way that people can understand.

It can be easy to forget that other people don’t have the ability to know the nuances of how you receive information. Sometimes it can be as simple as asking what someone means and reserving your judgement until you can see the situation from a better vantage point.

Make Learning a Part of Your Life

It’s pretty clear that increasing your knowledge can always be a good thing. The more that you know about the world around you, the more equipped you will be when you come across an obstacle that you can’t immediately cross. Challenge yourself and take on new hobbies that can be useful to you. If you can spend a few months doing something to sharpen yourself, you’ll probably notice that your attitude and confidence has increased over time.

Well, what do you think about my list? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let’s help each other learn.

Love and light!

Treat Your Body with Kindness

Today, a lot of people feel a hefty amount of stress because of the way body image has dominated media. Some have even gotten to the point that they develop eating disorders because of how they feel. What a lot of people really need, is to focus on being kinder to themselves and their bodies. Most feel that they’re already being kind, but are they really? The next few paragraphs will give you a few tips on how to treat your body with kindness.

Get Lots of Rest

The first and easier way to treat yourself better would be to make sure that you get as much rest as you need each day. Proper sleep and rest are important for your body because your body needs those periods to conserve energy, and make some repairs to your cells. If you don’t get all of the rest you need, then your body will begin to fail in small ways, and you will begin to feel tired all of the time. As you become weaker, you will see a breakdown in the quality of your work, and relationships around you will begin to suffer.

Much of this is due to the fact that it’s hard for a person to feel completely connected to others when their mind hasn’t been allowed to rest properly. Studies have connected lack of sleep to a rise in apathy in some people. As the apathy increases, the subject will begin to connect less and less to those around them until they are completely isolated. So it’s extremely important to take proper sleep into consideration.

Let Yourself Have Fun

Do you ever feel guilty when you take days off or try to do fun things with friends and family? A lot of people are in fields of work that force them to produce more and more work for their company. This culture of overworking yourself isn’t healthy and can lead to extreme forms of burnout. The apathy that comes from being sleep deprived can also play a heavy role in diminishing your ability to enjoy things, so this is a place where arresting and allowing yourself to have fun meet. When you are properly rested, you’ll be in a better state to have fun, and if you allow yourself that time, then you can get rid of a lot of the extra stress that you’ve been holding onto each day.

Make Sure You’re Hydrated

How much water do you drink in a day? Hydration is something that a lot of people overlook because living in a modern world tells you that everything you need is just a phone all or a store trip away, but people have to make the right choices when it comes to health. A lot of people have fallen into the habit where they’ve replaced water with different types of soft drinks. These of drinks are made of mostly sugars and chemicals that were created in a lab, and they don’t provide enough pure water to help you sustain many of your basic functions, so it can be very easy to suddenly find that you are dehydrated to a level that can make you feel ill.

Get Away from Technology for a Minute

Technology these days has been very good at absorbing nearly all of the free time that people have. Everyone is constantly being bombarded by adverts for games and new apps that boast
A user-friendly environment and a new lease of life, but is this really true? Studies have shown that constant engagement with apps can actually cause a lot of stress in some people.

Social media has made it difficult or a larger number of people to feel content with their daily existence. This doesn’t mean that social media is a bad thing, but it could mean that a lot of people should use social media a lot less. To help yourself feel better, it would be a good idea to take a step away from social media so that you can focus on more pursuits that involve your well-being.

Pay Attention to Your Body

Self-awareness isn’t always something that comes naturally to people. Sometimes it can take a well-crafted effort for you to learn what is needed and when. This is partially because the world at large expects people to live for their desires more than their needs. Once you have made the choice to get more well acquainted with yourself, you can begin to practice mindfulness so you can learn about the signals that your body puts out to let you know what you really want.

When you’re eating a particularly delicious meal, you might already know that you’re full, but you keep eating anyway. Suddenly you feel so full that you begin to belch, and your stomach makes loud noises. This could be a sign that your body has chosen to let you know that you’ve eaten too much. Learning these signals can help you to stay more comfortable and treat your body with greater care.

How do you treat your body with kindness? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment area.

Love and Light!

Building a Relationship with Yourself

Dear Librans,

When you think about how you feel about yourself, and how well you know yourself, how do you score on a scale of 1 – 10? If you feel that you know yourself very well, but you are on the lower side of how much you like yourself, then it might be time to start thinking about how you can build a better relationship with YOU, and the next paragraphs will be exploring how to accomplish this.

Stop Focusing on the Dealings of Others

There are tons of distractions that can be found out in the world, but some of the worst distractions to get involved with are those that come from spending too much time focusing on and critiquing the lives of others. It can be extremely easy to fall into the habit of spending your time concerning yourself with the movements of others, and you may even spend time discussing these things with others, but it’s important to note that while you’re focusing on others, you’re avoiding work that you can be doing on yourself.

Another side of this, is that it might be a manifestation of insecurities that you feel towards yourself due to constant comparing. The person who is aware of the nuances of how you feel would be you because people can’t read the minds of others. If you feel as though you are constantly scrutinized by others, it’s important to remember that they might not even be aware that you feel any discomfort at all. Most of the time, people are primarily focused on how they are seen by others.

Learn to Forgive People

It’s hard to make a better relationship with yourself when you carry a lot of baggage from past dealings with people. Things sometimes happen that can make you feel a little bit sour about having relationships with others but it’s important to remember that you don’t need to hold onto these things. Let them just be things that happened and move on. It’s been said that forgiving people is more about being healthier for yourself than the person you’re forgiving. This is because holding onto anger and pain will only cause you to feel negatively about a lot of other things in your life.

Once you have forgiven someone completely, the part of your mind that has been holding onto those toxic thoughts and feeling will be free to focus on better things. You can use that brain power to think of ways to put good things into the world around you. There are a lot of ways to spread positivity, and the best ways involve doing something for others.

Take Time to Help Someone in Need

There are few joys that can compare to the feeling you get when you help someone who really needs help. When you’ve been spending a lot of time focusing on yourself in unhealthy ways, a really good way to break out of that is also to help someone else. This puts them in the forefront of your mind for a time, and this can help you to appreciate the situation that you have as well.

There are a lot of programs that involve helping the homeless and elderly, and both are in constant need of volunteers that can help dilute the strain placed on other people who are already busy in the community. You might be surprised by the outpouring of gratitude that comes from people who haven’t been used to getting the help that you’re helping to provide. This can create connections and inspire the future success of people who might not have had the opportunity otherwise.

Write a Journal or a Letter to Yourself

Part of getting to the deeper parts of yourself is taking time out of your day to put your thoughts on paper so that you can read them back to yourself. Sometimes it takes this kind of exercise to be able to get a sense of what is truly on your mind. You might have doubts about recent decisions, or you might need to see your thoughts out in front of you to make those final choices. Whatever the case may be, this will help you to begin to prioritize your feelings and thoughts about things. Once you’ve drawn some conclusions it’ll be easier to make real changes based on the information you have about yourself.

Practice Positive Self-Talk

After you’ve taken some time to think about the things you wrote down to yourself, make some effort to replace anything negative that you said to yourself with something that is positive. Talk about your abilities. Tell yourself that you can accomplish your goals. The more that you repeat these things to yourself, the more possible they will become.

Look, I realize that all of what I wrote above is easier said than done. Trust me, I know that for sure. It takes practice and sometimes “falling on your face,” but if you keep trying and taking those baby steps, you will eventually get to where you want to go.

What do you think about my list? I would love for you to join in the conversation in the comments below.

As always, “Love and Light!”

Tips for Finding Your Purpose

It can feel like we’re always trying to search for something in life, and never really finding it. We become distracted by things like work and family and smaller goals, but never feel like we achieve our purpose. If you’re currently on a journey to finding your purpose, doing a life reset can be really helpful. Here are a few tips for finding your purpose through the reset process.

Do a Brain Dump

This is one of those strategies that is often overlooked, but can completely change your life. A brain dump is a great method for releasing anything you might have been bottling up.

Think of it as a way to transfer all your thoughts, ideas, and feelings from your mind, onto paper. Just start writing the very first thing that pops in your head, then keep writing. Don’t worry about how many different topics or ideas come to you – write them all down.

You know you’re done when you begin slowing down or are just repeating what you have already thought about.

What Makes You Feel Excited and Hopeful?

Once you have done your brain dump, you can keep writing in that journal about what makes you the most excited, or brings the sense of hope and fulfillment to your life. Not just mundane activities you are used to doing, but the ones that exhilarate you and put a huge smile on your face. The ones that light you up from the inside.

What Do You Spend Your Free Time Doing?

If you’re stuck on what you enjoy doing, think about what you tend to do when you have free time. This makes it a little easier to figure out what your interests and passions are, which is bound to lead to your purpose.

It can be anything from reading and doing craft projects, to volunteering or spending time with friends. Every detail about your life, especially your personal choices, can say a lot about you and what you’re here to do.

What Books Do You Love to Read?

It can also help to think about what genres of activities you enjoy the most. When you pick up a book, what genre do you prefer reading? When you choose a television show to watch, what type of show is your favorite? All of these little details matter when it comes to finding your purpose.

What is your purpose? Do you have any tips to help others find their purpose? I would love you to join the conversation and put your thoughts in the comments.

Love and Light!

The Importance of Positive Self Talk

The way that you treat yourself in your own mind has a lot more significance than most people give it credit for. There are times when people might self-abuse or say nasty mean things to themselves out of habit, but the consequences of this are much farther reaching than they believe. In the next few paragraphs, you’ll be reading about the importance of positive self-talk.

It Can Help You to See Yourself

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you tell yourself? This might be the first time you’ve really ever had to think about that question, but it’s one that you should be aware of, and how you answer will make a difference to yourself on a daily basis. Whenever you tell yourself something really negative, you’re repeating powerful mantras that can influence everything about your self-esteem and how you see yourself in the world.

Unfortunately, it’s generally going to be a skewed view if it’s always bathed in negativity. This makes it impossible for you to be able to be aware of yourself completely and it blocks you from being open to others.

When you spend your time saying uplifting things about yourself, you’re going to get a more complete picture of who you are. This isn’t saying that’s should avoid dealing with things you consider to be faults. It just means you see a lot more than those things alone.

It Gives You More Confidence

Allowing yourself to see yourself completely helps to boost your confidence. That’s because you are directly acknowledging the things that are good about you instead of focusing on the areas where you feel that you fall short. If you like, you can actually write them into a physical list. Reflect on each aspect, and think about the times in your life where those attributes have helped you to overcome something or solve a problem.

You’ll probably be amazed how many ways you’ve been able to get past things using your own natural talents. If you’ve come this far on what you know now, then imagine how well things can go when you’ve continued to learn and improve yourself. Try to see where you will be in the future based on these positive things you’ve discovered.

It Helps You See a Positive Future

Now that you know that you have some great qualities, you can see how they might be able to help you in the future. Are you a fast learner? Do you solve problems quickly? Having a better outlook will always make it easier for you to see yourself making accomplishments in the future. As you go through life, meet the objection of your inner critic with confident self-talk. Tell that part of your mind to be quiet. Do whatever you need to do to move past monetary doubts.
Another great exercise you can do is to make a vision board. It helps to have visual representations of the things that you want to attain at some point. A new career, home, or vacation can be a long-term goal that you work towards. Just be sure to write down that you know you can get to those things somewhere along the way.

It Helps Reduce Stress

Positive self-talk is also really important because it helps you to keep your stress under control. Stress can be paralyzing, but it doesn’t have to be. When you start to feel overwhelmed, pull out a sheet of paper and write down the things you want. Put in a few easier goals that you know you can achieve in the short term, and put all of your energy into crushing those goals. Make sure that you are realistic in the ones that you select.

Getting a few little things done and crossed off of your list can do wonders for how you feel about attainability of your goals. Just know that you have to take it all one day at a time. Cross 2 – 3 things of your list, and return to some of your bigger goals. You’ll find yourself to be more relaxed, and feeling ready to tackle bigger goals.

It Helps You Maintain Control Over Emotions

It’s also important to remember that things won’t always be perfect. There can be all kinds of little snags that can push back your timeline for completing things. It’s important to stay level headed though, because when you spin out of control emotionally, things will begin to suffer. Use positive self-talk to remind yourself of how resilient you truly are. Find inspiration in the progress that you’ve made to date. The more practice you have learning to control your emotions, the more success you will have. Just be sure to remain patient and kind to yourself, and you will get there.

How has positive self talk helped you? I would love to read your thoughts.

Love and Light!

Signs You Need More Self Love

Relationships with others can be highly complex and confusing, but the strangest part is that you don’t even need another person to have a difficult experience in a relationship. With the numerous pressures from the modern world crashing down onto people, it’s no surprise that a lot of people are finding that they need more self-love. If this isn’t something you’ve really thought about, you might wonder about what might be signs that you need more self-love.

You Don’t Have as Much Interest

Do you have hobbies and interests that just don’t seem to really excite you or make you feel good anymore? If you’ve recently experienced a major change in attitude towards the things that used to get you out of bed in a day, then it’s pretty possible that you need more self-love. When you don’t take care of your emotional needs and allow stress to rule multiple aspects of your life, the things that you once loved won’t feel the same.

Symptoms like those are found in depression as well. Depression can be a natural effect caused by unfulfillment in life. Possibly a job that grates on you, or an environment that you used to enjoy has become oppressive. These things can also be signs of a type of burnout. The responsible, self-loving thing to do would be to allow yourself to have more time to relax. It’s important to work, but it’s also important to be balanced.

When that balance gets murky, you can and most likely will get tired of the constant pressure. It might not be a threat at the moment, but things can change quickly, and suddenly you become overwhelmed. Stay balanced, and you’ll be less likely to fry yourself.

You Don’t Forgive Minor Trespasses

Have you caught yourself observing people and muttering unpleasant things under your breath? Misunderstandings happen, and sometimes those things can seem like much bigger issues than they really are in the grand scheme. When you aren’t feeling love for yourself, it’s a lot easier to get caught in a pattern of criticizing others. This habit of fault finding is different than talking to a friend in a calm way about a troublesome path they’ve chosen.

That kind of talk comes out of concern, where fault finding is more rooted in a person’s need to put down others so they can avoid looking at their own faults. When people make mistakes, it’s important to remember that people are incapable of being perfect, so it’s healthier to extend the same kind of forgiveness that you would want to have. It does nothing to hold onto grudges other than load your body down with stress as well.

Spend some time thinking about how little many of these minor issues will affect your life. If you know that they won’t do any lasting damage, then it’s probably sufficient to say what you need to say to the person involved and move on. If not for them, it should be for your mental health.

You Feel You Are an Impostor

One thing that hasn’t been touched on so far in this entry, is the internal voice that each and every person has inside of themselves. Sometimes your inner voice can play tricks on you and make you doubt yourself. The voice in your head might even attack and ridicule you randomly through the day. If this is the case, it would be a good idea to concentrate on positive things about yourself more often.

If you don’t love yourself enough, it can lead to cyclical bad behavior. Telling yourself that you might be fooling everyone around you and actually living in fear of that discovery is probably a lot less reasonable to accept when you look at the breadth of your actual achievements. Practice positive self-talk for a period of time, and it could help you to gain a more realistic view of yourself.

Less Assertiveness

If you find yourself taking a back seat to things in life more often, in that you don’t stand up for yourself or make your thoughts heard, that can be a massive sign that you need more self-love. Doing more healthy things for yourself will help you to feel better and be more in touch with your body. When you’re comfortable in life, you’ll be naturally more confident.

You Haven’t Been Bathing as Often

One of the biggest signs that you need to care for yourself more is that you haven’t been bathing enough. Lack of hygiene is a strong sign of depression and other related emotional disturbances. Make sure that you create a routine to keep yourself bathed. If you go without basic cleanliness, it can be easy to feel like nothing matters as much. Go out of your way to make yourself feel better and healthy. That along could be a massive boost to your attitude.

Did I overlook any signs that you would like to share? If so, be sure to place them in the comments.

P.S. The world seems like a scary place right now but I want to help. Be sure to subscribe as I’ll be posting more entries about “self-love” this week. It’s perfectly normal to feel ill-at-ease but try not to stay in that space. If you’re needing help, and you can get it, please talk to a professional. You matter…

Love and Light!

Is It Possible to Clean up Bad Credit on Your Own?

Often time’s people feel as if they have no choice but to either wait for their credit to improve on its own or seek professional help. But is it possible to do it yourself?

The answer is a resounding “yes!” Not only can you do it yourself, it’s often better for your credit to do it yourself than to get professional help.

A professional might charge you $200 an item to get it off your credit report. From all three reporting agencies, that’s $600. If you applied that $600 to paying down a high balance account instead, that’s often a much better use of your money than hiring a professional. Let’s face it – any amount of money during the COVID-19 pandemic can be better spent elsewhere.

What does the process of repairing your credit report on your own look like?

Start by Figuring Out Exactly What Needs to Be Done

Start by going through your credit report and writing down all the different items that you need to dispute.

Disputing incorrect entries is easier than you might expect. Credit rating agencies are legally bound to research each single claim of inaccuracy.

Go through the credit report from each reporting agency and note each inaccurate account.

Contact the Agencies

The best way to contact an agency is through the mail. Letters of dispute can be tracked using certified mail. Make sure you keep records of every letter you send in case you must take further action in the future.

Mail the agency with a listing of all inaccuracies and request that they either be removed, or they provide proof that the item is correct.

You should receive a response within about 30 days.

Note that sometimes reporting agencies will remove your item in 30 days and put it back in the report if they receive the proof later. If that’s the case, they’ll need to send you the proof and a letter informing you that the item was placed back on your report.

If you don’t get a written notice, you’re legally eligible for $1,000 from the reporting agency.

Cost versus Benefits of Doing It Yourself

As discussed earlier, it’s much cheaper to do it yourself than to hire a professional. The money saved can be used to pay down debts, further improving your credit.

However, there are a few things that you must consider when you’re disputing credit report items on your own.

First are the time requirements. You need to carefully research every disputed item to ensure that it truly is incorrect. Then you need to provide any documentation you can and keep tabs on everything.

Also, you should consider the amount of energy it takes to go through this process. Simply trying to hold all the pieces in your mind takes a lot of concentration; and for many people it can be stressful.

Should you do it on your own? It depends on whether you’d rather have the time or have the money. If you can spare the time and would rather do it yourself, it’s absolutely a viable method and thousands of people do it every year.

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Look at Your Daily Routines

Your daily routines are simply the activities you do each day, in a certain order or sequence. Most people are not even aware of their habits and routines because they just do them on autopilot. But understanding more about what you do and why you do it can help tremendously for making positive changes.

Make a List of Your Routines

Before you can figure out if you need to adjust your routines, you need to understand what they consist of right now. You have routines, whether you realize it or not, from how you get ready in the morning to what you do after you get off work.

Take some time to journal out what your routines are. Here are sometimes of the day to write about if you’re not sure where to start:

What you do when you first get up in the morning
Your routine when getting ready for work
Your lunch break routine at work
The afternoon routine after picking up kids from school
Your bedtime routine
Your weekend routine

Write as many details as you can, paying close attention to certain tasks you always get done, but also tasks that seem to be missing.

Is There Anything Missing?

Once you have your list of routines, you can see if anything is missing. What do you feel like you are not spending enough time on? What habit do you want to add to part of your routine?

When you wrote down your routines, you probably saw some things missing. Maybe you noticed that spending time with your family isn’t happening often enough, you have no down time, or you keep forgetting to drink water first thing in the morning. It doesn’t matter what it is, but if it’s important to you, the life reset is when you should start figuring these habits out.

Do You Have Habits That Don’t Benefit You?

You should also cross off anything in your routine that isn’t serving you. Have you noticed that every day when you get home from work, you spend over an hour just browsing social media on your phone? If this is causing you to lose time for other more important things, try to change this routine by limiting social media time, and adding something else in its place.

Maybe you set a timer to use your phone for 20 minutes, then get up to make a snack, go for a walk, or write in your journal.

Are there some routines that you want to reconfigure this year? I would love to read your thoughts in the comments.

Love and Light!

Meditation and Mindfulness During a Reset

A common theme surrounding improving your life and especially your mental and emotional health is doing meditation or mindfulness. But we are a big fan of doing both. Each of these practices benefits you in a similar way, with a slightly different technique, but they blend beautifully into one life-changing practice.

Meditation and Mindfulness

These are similar practices but done in slightly different ways. With meditation, you are most likely focusing on your breathing, closing your eyes, and trying to clear your mind. When you are practicing mindfulness, it is not done with your eyes closed, but instead when participating in another activity.

When to do meditation – If you need calming your mind, getting all the static out of your head, and are struggling with your excessive worrying and anxiety, meditation is a great option. It does take a bit more practice and patience, so don’t expect to master it on the first try.

When to practice mindfulness – With mindfulness, it is easier to do on a regular basis, as you can participate in it more often. This is great if you struggle with a bad relationship with food, problem concentrating, issues with focusing too much on the past or future, or just to slow down and appreciate each moment in your life.

Start with a Simple Meditation Routine

If meditation interests you for your reset, start small with just a simple breathing or visualization exercise. Breathing exercises provide a way to meditate without putting too much pressure on yourself to be perfect.

Just sit in a quiet room with the door closed, find a comfortable spot to sit down, and close your eyes. Just take the first couple minutes to sit quietly and let your thoughts dissipate. Once you feel more relaxed, begin focusing on your breathing.

Inhale and exhale slowly, feeling your diaphragm and focusing only on your breathing. Notice the sound and feeling of each breath as you breathe in and out. The more you concentrate on your breathing, the less you will focus on the intrusive thoughts.

Practice More Mindfulness

Being more mindful is a practice, but something that can benefit you so much. The great thing is that mindfulness can be done just about anywhere.

To be more mindful, you are simply acknowledging and appreciating the current moment. For example, when you are eating, you turn off distractions and focus on your food and the enjoyment you get from each bite. You are not thinking about the calories or what you plan to do after you eat, just focus on your meal.

Some other easy ways to practice mindfulness include:

Turning off the radio and enjoying the sights when you are on a drive.
Going for a walk and taking deep breaths to enjoy the fresh air.
Letting your mind relax when you are in the bath or shower.

Do you have any tips for beginning the practice of meditation or mindfulness? I would love to read your thoughts or questions below.

Love and Light!

P.S. – Happy 2021!! I hope you can take everything from this year and apply lessons to your life in the coming year. I’m hoping to do the same – one moment at a time.

Have a Plan with Your Reset?

With 2021 literally around the corner, most people are creating their new year’s resolutions. Make sure when you start looking into doing a life reset, you have a solid plan. This includes understanding why you are doing it, what parts of your life you want to take inventory of, and what changes you intend to make.

Understand Why You Are Doing a Life Reset

You can’t really work on your life reset plan until you know your main reason for doing it. Everyone has a different motivation for wanting to make changes in their life, which is why it is important that you understand your own reasons.

What made you originally come to this decision? Write down anything you can remember from when you first got the idea to make changes in your life. You might have come across it on a blog, or just thought you wanted a reset to look at your goals.

Know What Areas are Most Important to You

When you think of making any type of change or improvement to your life, what comes to mind first? Maybe you want to improve your health and lose a few pounds, be more active in general, focus on your work and finances, or start a business. You might be needing more time with friends or make self-care a priority.

It can be anything and everything, if it is important to you and something you are passionate about improving.

Don’t Worry About What is Working for You

What I mean is not to pay so much attention to habits or routines that are still serving you well, and instead put your focus on changing what isn’t working. If you try to split your focus between changing everything in your life, you are going to get overwhelmed very quickly.

When you choose the areas of your life to “Reset”, you can figure out what might not be working now, and what to put all your energy into.

Choose Your Methods for Resetting

This is related to what areas of your life you want to improve. So, if you are most concerned about reaching your financial goals, then maybe you want to use a planner to track spending and savings. If you are trying to improve your health to live a more balanced lifestyle, it might be tracking your food, creating a simple exercise plan, or making an appointment to see your doctor.

These simple steps will allow you to create a reasonable plan to start working on your life reset.

Are you making any plans for a reset in the new year? Let me know how you’re going about it in the comments below.

Love and Light!