Write a Detailed Life Goals List

Have you ever tried to make a plan for major life goals? Successful people have been using plans for hundreds of years to achieve the goals that will help them in the future, but if you’re new at it., you might feel sort of apprehensive. The positive thing here, is that this entry has been written to help you get started on a path towards achieving goals, and to get you in the right mindset, you’ll find a detailed list of life goals here to try out.

Get Healthier

Health should be considered a top priority in your life, no matter what your goals are, even when you are focusing more on self-love and self-care. Taking better care of your health can become a way to practice more self-love on a daily basis. If you’re not doing great with being healthy, it can help you passively to spend some time getting that figured out.

Being healthy means that you’ll be able to have greater focus in life, as well as a sharper ability to solve problems. When you’re starting to create your list of goals, keep in mind that they should be things that are easy for you to track. That means that you should be able to figure out what you’ll need to do to get to those goals.

Be sure to write out the list with each of the details, so for example, part of getting healthier will be making sure that you’re getting the proper nutrition, so you might put down that you will learn about nutrition, buy the right foods, and make sure to do some kind of meal preparation. As you complete the list, you’ll have a much clearer picture of what your next few months will be like.

Learn to Balance Your Moods

There are some days when it just seems like people aren’t on your side, but how do you deal with your anger? If you’ve been wanting to learn how to control your temper in a way that helps you to improve your relationships with others and cultivates a milder spirit, the first step is to realize that you’re the one who is in control of how people make you feel. When people fall short of your expectations, it’s important to remember that not every trespass is a personal attack against you. Most people are relatively concerned with their own issues and daily business then who else is around them, and there could easily be details that have escaped you.

Another thing to think about somewhat seriously, is how anger and stress can exact a hefty toll in the body over a sustained period of time. Intense emotional stress can bring about and aggravate some illnesses in people. Having that much negativity can also harm vital organs like your heart, so learning to take it easy can also extend your life in some ways.

Get a Grip on Your Finances

IN a time of uncertainty, it can be really difficult to make the needed changes that will allow you to save money. If you don’t feel as though you can make it in the amount of money that you currently make, then it will be important to find out how you can make more money, and the steps that you need to take to get there. Once you see a clear path, it’ll remove a lot of the stress of having to think about your finances.

Some people might even feel like it’s important to hire or see a professional that can help them to gain better control over their financial health. It takes a serious and honest look at your habits and lifestyle to see what you may need to do. Something as simple as an old unpaid bill can create some issues.

Become a Better Communicator

The majority of problems that people face in any kind of relationship are usually caused by poor communication techniques. People who haven’t developed a clear and honest communication technique can cause a lot of frustration to the people around them at work, school and home. If you find yourself prone to disagreements, then it might mean that there is something that you’re not conveying in a way that people can understand.

It can be easy to forget that other people don’t have the ability to know the nuances of how you receive information. Sometimes it can be as simple as asking what someone means and reserving your judgement until you can see the situation from a better vantage point.

Make Learning a Part of Your Life

It’s pretty clear that increasing your knowledge can always be a good thing. The more that you know about the world around you, the more equipped you will be when you come across an obstacle that you can’t immediately cross. Challenge yourself and take on new hobbies that can be useful to you. If you can spend a few months doing something to sharpen yourself, you’ll probably notice that your attitude and confidence has increased over time.

Well, what do you think about my list? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let’s help each other learn.

Love and light!

7 thoughts on “Write a Detailed Life Goals List

  1. What great goals to reach Will! I’m doing good on the healthy eating and lifestyle. I can even save money on some of my meals so that helps immensely with our finances. I love learning new things and I’ll be 72 next month and enjoy seeing if my old brain can still retain what I’ve learned! So far so good!

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    1. I’m doing much better on the nutritional peace, especially with the pandemic. I’m struggling with the fitness piece because I like to work out in a group or with a personal trainer. When I do Pilates now, my little pocket dog wants to lay on top of me 😤


  2. Right now, oddly enough, the fitness piece is my best piece because I joined a fitness challenge and I am doing my workouts via zoom. It is definitely an odd thing for me to turn my living room floor into a gymnasium but the pandemic has created an odd sort of life. So I have to adjust to these changes. Well, life is certainly an adventure, even when you’re not likely to go anywhere.

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  3. Many years ago, after hearing Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, and Jim Rohn, I started making yearly goals in 7 areas. Breaking them down into steps certainly helps me continue working on them. I sometimes fall off the path, but the roadmap gets me back on. That’s the beauty of setting goals and creating a step-by-step plan to arrive at your destination. Thanks for keeping this important activity at the forefront of my mind.


  4. Hi Will, I have been working on those goals forever it seems. There’s always room for improvement. I love learning how to do new things. This year was cross country skiing. I am happy that I went hard at it even in the bitter cold. I will miss it. March and warmer weather is upon us. Maybe just a couple more weeks of skiing.

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