Winter Storm 2021 Thoughts

Dear Librans,

I hope you’re doing well. I’m writing today, without a self-improvement angle, but with an, “I need to release this negative energy” approach.

I’m sure you’ve already heard about the challenges here in Texas and across the country related to the winter storm that I’m calling the Big Cold of 2021.

My family is doing well – folks have power and water – and I’m slowly trying to make contact with friends/colleagues to see how they’re doing.

I didn’t experience the level of hardship that many throughout the State faced but as an empath, I was more affected by the happenings than even I wanted to concede.

Well, this morning I could no longer ignore how I was feeling. I had to have a cry to release this built up energy. I also participated in a virtual wellness room on one of my apps for community-building.

I’m feeling a bit better now that I’ve had some positive light shown into my world.

The ice is gone, at least where I am, and I don’t have to take baby steps with my little pocket dog now. I heard some awesome affirmations and I actually spoke up to let folks know that I wasn’t feeling perfect in the moment.

There is still some hurt out there so please share some positive love energy with not only folks here in Texas but throughout the world. Someone will appreciate you for it!

Love and Light!

P.S. I will post an entry, hopefully later today, with links if you want and are able to provide assistance for those that have been harmed by this winter storm.

10 thoughts on “Winter Storm 2021 Thoughts

  1. I am in Texas as well and enjoyed the Snow but I am glad its past and we can get back to normal and find groceries and things the stores were out of.


  2. Will, I am so glad you and your pup are well! I was born in Texas, so I was distraught to hear 3 million were out of power! Horrible! And I’m thrilled there is some recovery curve. Prayers and blessings to you!


  3. I’ve been watching all the storms in Texas as I have many friends there. Hoping things get back to normal as soon as possible. Sending prayers to you and all those affected.

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    1. Thanks so much! Where I am, our temperatures were in the low 70° today. Most of the city has safe drinking water again but there are a few pockets where they are still under a boil water notice for a little while. We’ve also been seeing, because of the type of contracts, that many people are receiving electricity bills for thousands of dollars.


  4. Thanks for updating us as to how you’re doing. The situation in Texas is alarming for reasons political and non political – the toll of human suffering is enough reason to nationalize or as I like to say, socialize the grid!

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