Using Essential Oils on Your Pets

Dear Librans,

Can you believe it’s Thursday and day 4 of my blog writing challenge?!?! I already messed up a bit but instead of moaning and feeling like a failure because I’m not perfect, I’m continuing on with the task! Yay me!!!

But I digress…

I’m really getting into essential oils in a big way. They have a long list of benefits for adults and even kids, but don’t forget you can also use them on your pets. Since I have a fur baby over here, I’ve been doing some extra research. You just need to use the right oils and be extra careful with your dogs and cats to ensure you are practicing safety.

Safe Oils for Your Pets

There are some essential oils known to be safe for most animals, including cats and dogs. You should always test a small area of your dog’s fur with a diluted oil before using it on them or with their bed and other toy furnishings. However, the following oils tend to be good for most cats and dogs:

Lavender – This is an amazing oil for relaxing your pets, reducing anxiety in the car, and helping with health issues like allergies and insomnia.

– Frankincense is often used with dogs who have early signs of cancer, tumors, or stomach ulcers.

Cardamom – A holistic vet might recommend using cardamom if your pet is having trouble eating, has nausea or heartburn, or is dealing with a bad cough.

Spearmint – Spearmint is great for helping your dog or cat to lose weight, but can also be used for nausea and diarrhea.

No Citrus for Cats

There are some specific oils that breeds don’t like or might make them ill. For cats, this includes any of the citrus oils. Avoid using citrus like grapefruit, lemon, or orange with your cat, as it could affect their liver and how it detoxes of toxins. Some others that don’t particularly like are oregano, tea tree, birch, cinnamon, clove, wintergreen, and thyme.

Oils to Avoid for Dogs

Dogs also have some specific oils that are good or bad for them. The previous list of acceptable oils should all be fine for your dog, unless they have an allergy to these scents or plants. However, there are some known to be toxic or unhealthy for dogs in general, especially for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies. These include:


As with humans, you want to dilute essential oils properly for pets and test a small area of their skin before using them. Ask your vet if you have any questions or concerns about using essential oils on your pets. Only a very small amount should be needed, so don’t add a large amount of drops to their shampoo or rub it on their skin, as it is likely not necessary and might be harmful.

Are you an essential oil user and have pets? Let me know in the comments your tips and tricks and how you’ve used oils with your fur babies. I just may have to check out your suggestion for this little black lab that I call, “pocket dog…”

Have an awesome day today! Love and light!

8 thoughts on “Using Essential Oils on Your Pets

  1. We used to have a Black Lab as well. As for Oils I know they can be good for Dogs and I need to check into them as my older dog is having some Health Issues and also check into them for my son how has trouble Focusing as I know they work if used in the correct way.


  2. Someone gifted me with a diffuser a Christmas or two ago, and it has never been used. I had read that essential oils could be harmful to your pets, and I was not going to fire that thing up! But after reading your blog post, I am hopeful I can use it in my office where I write to give me some peace and soothe my being. Thanks for writing this.

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