The Nicest Compliment

Dear Librans,

I can’t Believe it’s already Wednesday!! Where did the week go? 😕

I just got off of work and I’ve been thinking about one of the nicest complements I’ve ever received. The one that has come up mini times and again only a few days ago was — kind. The more I think about it, the more I like it.

Now of course, I’m not kind 24/7 — I would be boring then — but I do try to treat people with understanding, empathy and love. I guess it goes back to my belief that none of us simply do things to just do them… There’s always an underlying reason behind every action or thought we have. I’m genuinely curious about those reasons.

Over the past almost year, I’ve been doing lots of social justice talks and having difficult conversations based on what’s been going on in the world around us. many times, I don’t agree with the person/people I’m having difficult talks with but I try really hard to see where they’re coming from. at the end of most of those conversations, we’ve been able to, “Agree to disagree” or come to some type of understanding.

As I sit here on my iPhone writing this short entry, I realize that I’m grateful. grateful for the fact that among all of the wonderful things and accomplishments over the years, I’m most proud of the simple, yet profound, complement of “kind.” 😇

Is there a complement that you’ve received that on the surface was so simple yet it meant the world to you? Would you mind sharing it in the comments?

Love and Light!

8 thoughts on “The Nicest Compliment

  1. The biggest complment to me was the one that was unexpected. It was a comment about my “math talent.” Because I struggled with math for years, I never imagined that I could possess a math talent. But there you go. I am still celebrating that compliment. You never know what’s going to bring happiness to another person. Really enjoyable post. Thank you so much.

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  2. A kind compliment is one of the best. The biggest compliment that I’ve received is how my 2 year old Great granddaughter has learned so much from me. It warms my heart because all I’m teaching Lia is what I learned from my grandmother.

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  3. Being kind is a major life goal for me, so that’s wonderful that someone said that to you! For me, the highest compliment is when someone says something about the way they experienced me or my energy/presence and it’s something I really want to radiate, in person or online. Especially, if I wasn’t even trying, because maybe it has become intrinsic to who I am. Which could really balance out the flaws I am all too aware of – the ones I hope to diminish.

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    1. I love how you mentioned how people “experience your energy…“ I’ve been trying to be really intentional about my energy. From what I’ve experienced from you, I have experienced nothing but good from you 😁


  4. Hi Will – Nowadays “thank you” is one of the nicest things to hear someone say!

    It makes me feel good to hear those words from my now 19 1/2 year old son when I’ve picked up dinner or folded some of his dried laundry. It is very simple to say and yet means so much to the recipient!

    Thanks for the reminder of being kind and generous of spirit! My best to you and your blogging!

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    1. “Thank you“ are very powerful words indeed! They can set the tone for so much more positive energy.

      Thanks for stopping by my small corner of the web and brightening my day with your comment. 😁


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