Why I Created the Libra’s Balance

Dear Librans,

I hope this is a fabulous Tuesday morning and Groundhog Day for you! I thought I would try something different today and right before I started my workday; especially because I have a busy evening today with my bootcamp Group and hosting a Zoom call for a nonprofit I am affiliated with.

One of the questions I am often asked is, “Will, why did you start your blog?”

I used to love writing creatively and did it just about every day… Until I grew up and became entrenched in the legal field. I slowly began writing and the style for pleadings, legal correspondence, contracts and such. I zapped my creative mindset away slowly but surely. Now I’m trying to regain my footing with this blog.

At The same time, I’ve been on a journey of re-discovery and healing so I married my two goals together — hence The Libra’s Balance. In The age of social media, I have way too much to say for a simple Facebook post and I’d love having more thoughtful conversation with a range of people. It’s my hope that this little insignificant piece of the Internet can lead to breakthroughs, especially in the climate we find ourselves here in America and across the world.

So my reasons for creating this space aren’t super complicated at all — just a search to connect with people all over the world — even during the time of COVID. I hope you stick around and if I say something that interests you, that you’ll chime in with your thoughts.

Love and Light! ☺️

10 thoughts on “Why I Created the Libra’s Balance

  1. Good morning, and I enjoyed reading your post and seeing what you post in the Future. With Covid-19 its nice to find friends online to talk to because I can only talk to the dogs and my son so much…


  2. HI Will, as I fellow Libra I hear and feel the need for balance. This last year has been anything but balanced. I don’t know what’s up or down anymore sometimes. I love to write about our travels, things we’ve seen and done, and that seems to help balance me a little. Glad writing and blogging help you too. Hang in there! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hey there fellow Libra!! This past year has been quite a struggle for sure. I’m glad that you’re getting to balance a bit and I’m going to check out your spot on the web. Have an awesome Tuesday!!


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