Look at Your Daily Routines

Your daily routines are simply the activities you do each day, in a certain order or sequence. Most people are not even aware of their habits and routines because they just do them on autopilot. But understanding more about what you do and why you do it can help tremendously for making positive changes.

Make a List of Your Routines

Before you can figure out if you need to adjust your routines, you need to understand what they consist of right now. You have routines, whether you realize it or not, from how you get ready in the morning to what you do after you get off work.

Take some time to journal out what your routines are. Here are sometimes of the day to write about if you’re not sure where to start:

What you do when you first get up in the morning
Your routine when getting ready for work
Your lunch break routine at work
The afternoon routine after picking up kids from school
Your bedtime routine
Your weekend routine

Write as many details as you can, paying close attention to certain tasks you always get done, but also tasks that seem to be missing.

Is There Anything Missing?

Once you have your list of routines, you can see if anything is missing. What do you feel like you are not spending enough time on? What habit do you want to add to part of your routine?

When you wrote down your routines, you probably saw some things missing. Maybe you noticed that spending time with your family isn’t happening often enough, you have no down time, or you keep forgetting to drink water first thing in the morning. It doesn’t matter what it is, but if it’s important to you, the life reset is when you should start figuring these habits out.

Do You Have Habits That Don’t Benefit You?

You should also cross off anything in your routine that isn’t serving you. Have you noticed that every day when you get home from work, you spend over an hour just browsing social media on your phone? If this is causing you to lose time for other more important things, try to change this routine by limiting social media time, and adding something else in its place.

Maybe you set a timer to use your phone for 20 minutes, then get up to make a snack, go for a walk, or write in your journal.

Are there some routines that you want to reconfigure this year? I would love to read your thoughts in the comments.

Love and Light!

6 thoughts on “Look at Your Daily Routines

  1. I have a specific routine- I get up and do the morning pages (as taught by Julia Cameron), post A Course In Miracles lesson in a FB group, walk the dog Pearl, meditate, play the harmonium, eat something, take a 5-8 mile walk, now will be riding a “Street Strider,” to develop upper body strength. Clean house, do laundry, in between. I also have all my groceries delivered. I rarely shop, except on line. I also work as a nurse 3 nights a week! I like to rest and relax, too!!

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