Have a Plan with Your Reset?

With 2021 literally around the corner, most people are creating their new year’s resolutions. Make sure when you start looking into doing a life reset, you have a solid plan. This includes understanding why you are doing it, what parts of your life you want to take inventory of, and what changes you intend to make.

Understand Why You Are Doing a Life Reset

You can’t really work on your life reset plan until you know your main reason for doing it. Everyone has a different motivation for wanting to make changes in their life, which is why it is important that you understand your own reasons.

What made you originally come to this decision? Write down anything you can remember from when you first got the idea to make changes in your life. You might have come across it on a blog, or just thought you wanted a reset to look at your goals.

Know What Areas are Most Important to You

When you think of making any type of change or improvement to your life, what comes to mind first? Maybe you want to improve your health and lose a few pounds, be more active in general, focus on your work and finances, or start a business. You might be needing more time with friends or make self-care a priority.

It can be anything and everything, if it is important to you and something you are passionate about improving.

Don’t Worry About What is Working for You

What I mean is not to pay so much attention to habits or routines that are still serving you well, and instead put your focus on changing what isn’t working. If you try to split your focus between changing everything in your life, you are going to get overwhelmed very quickly.

When you choose the areas of your life to “Reset”, you can figure out what might not be working now, and what to put all your energy into.

Choose Your Methods for Resetting

This is related to what areas of your life you want to improve. So, if you are most concerned about reaching your financial goals, then maybe you want to use a planner to track spending and savings. If you are trying to improve your health to live a more balanced lifestyle, it might be tracking your food, creating a simple exercise plan, or making an appointment to see your doctor.

These simple steps will allow you to create a reasonable plan to start working on your life reset.

Are you making any plans for a reset in the new year? Let me know how you’re going about it in the comments below.

Love and Light!

6 thoughts on “Have a Plan with Your Reset?

  1. I already walk 5-8 miles a day. Additionally, I am learning to ride a new Street Strider to strengthen my core and upper body, all done in the beautiful park I live next to!! By the time I turn 70, (3 months) I will be on the way!! What’s my “why?” I’ve seen far too many people in my life become sedentary. I am determined to keep moving!!


  2. I was just writing ahead today, creating a post for next week, about a very similar topic! But I didn’t even think of the part about reminding yourself of why you chose the goal or change in the first place. I can see how that would be so helpful, throughout the year, really, when you feel discouraged or inclined to give up.

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    1. Jeanine, when I began my personal healing journey a few years ago I was really vague on why I wanted to make some changes to my life. I had the broad view of why but for me, I needed to break it down even more. Breaking things down to smaller, bite-size chunks really helped. I can’t wait to read your post!


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