A Selfish Journey

Selfish. Over the past two days, In various conversations, I’ve heard that word used as a negative.

Specifically, those conversations were dealing with people on their personal journeys of emotional, physical and/or spiritual healing. In just about every conversation, people have been told that they were selfish because they were making positive changes for themselves that people surrounding them didn’t like.

I believe that we, as humans, typically don’t like change. Many of us drive the same route to work, we get up at the same time, we cook the same meals. So when our friends and family see changes happening, even though they are positive, that scares them… At least in my view. That leads me to my conversation piece today:

What is your definition of selfish? Can a person that is making a positive change for their well-being be considered selfish? Why or why not?

Let’s have a discussion. Love and light! 😍

3 thoughts on “A Selfish Journey

  1. Selfishness is sometimes required for self preservation. You can’t please everyone anyway, so as long as we are not actively hurting anyone by our self-improvement journey, it is a positive step towards growth


    1. I tend to agree. There’s a HUGE difference and people wanting to make a positive change for themselves and blatantly causing harm to others in the process of making change. That path can be very bumpy for everyone involved 😉

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