How to Stay Calm during Your Facebook Live

When you’re nervous about something, it can be hard to stay calm. And when you’re nervous about doing a live event, it can get in the way of the enjoyment of it. Let’s talk about some tactics that can help you stay calm during your Facebook Live.

* No One Is Perfect

It’s okay not to be perfect during your live event. The most important aspects are that they can see you or what you want them to see, and that they can hear you. When you first sign on, give it time for people to show up, and then ask them if they can see you and hear you fine. It’s fine to adjust once you’re live.

* Technology Screws Up

Sometimes your internet isn’t working right, or a guest’s internet isn’t working right, or something goes wrong. That’s okay; you can start over. There is no time limit or reason you can’t just ditch it and start again. One tip that works is if you’re using your computer, hardwire yourself to the net instead of using Wi-Fi.

* Have Notes

If you have certain things you want to talk about, quotes you want to share, and other information, don’t rely on your memory. Instead, write down some notes. It’s also OK to look at your notes. Nothing is wrong with having notes. You do not have to stare the camera in the eye the entire time you’re live.

* Allow for Silence

Don’t try to fill the void with sound at all times. It’s okay for there to be silence at times. Knowing this will help you avoid saying “um” and “er” too much – but even if you do say these things sometimes, it’s okay. Be who you are and let yourself know that it’s okay to be who you are.

* It’s OK to Look Down at Chat

Sometimes you need to read the chat, and it requires you look down. While this is not ideal in terms of the picture-perfect camera pose, Facebook Live isn’t about that. You want the live session to be interactive, which means you need to read what people are saying during the event.

* It’s OK to Take Time to Type in the Chat

Sometimes you may want to provide a link or other information that requires text, so typing in the chat or having someone else do it during the live is fine. You want a lot of interaction, so encourage that. If you know you want to share certain links, put them in a note file, so you can copy and paste them easily.

* Go Live One Hour before Time to Tell Them You’ll Be Here Soon

This might seem strange, but this is a good way to check that the technology is working. Go live quickly just to express your excitement that you’ll be starting in an hour. Then listen to it and watch it to make sure your sound and lighting are working.

* Freshen Up Right before Your Live Session – Brush your teeth if you can, go to the bathroom, and get a cup of tea, water, or coffee to have with you during the event. You want to ensure that you are relaxed, feel good, and carry the mood with you that you’re going to talk to your friends.

If you have any type of rituals you like to do – like meditate, pray, or pet your dog and cat before the event to help calm your nerves, that’s great. However, one thing that can be said about some nerves is that on camera, nerves often come off as high-energy instead of fear. That can be a good thing too!

What do you think?  Do you have any tips or tricks for staying calm during a Facebook Live?  Share them in the comments along with a link to one of your Live events showing you utilizing your tip.

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