Eight Benefits of Using Facebook Live for Your Business

Facebook Live is a gift to small business owners everywhere. If you really want to get the word out about your services and you’re not using Facebook Live, you’re missing out. Facebook Live is a great way to engage with your community in an original and effective way.

Let’s look at all the awesome benefits of using Facebook Live for your business.

1. It’s Easy to Do

Over time, Facebook Live is getting easier to accomplish as they add in more functionality to the process. In the past, you had to have special software on your computer or your phone, but now you don’t need it. Having said that, for special effects and that type of thing, the add-on third-party software does exist.

2. A Fun Way to Create Unique Content

When you go live, anything can happen. It can be spontaneous, or it can be more formal and planned. It’s up to you. You can answer questions from your viewers live; you can even bring them in to interview them if you have the right technology set up. But rest assured, whatever you create can be repurposed in numerous ways.

3. It Doesn’t Cost Much

It is actually free, although as mentioned, you can spend money on third-party software and also on marketing your broadcast. And of course, you spend your time. But otherwise, going live on Facebook is free. What’s more is you can stream for four hours.

4. It Creates Buzz and Excitement

When you go live, your followers may get a notification that you’re live, especially if they ask for notifications. Be sure to ask them to sign up for notifications, to like you, and to share your broadcast with others.

5. An Effective Way to Connect with Your Audience

You can connect with your audience in a way that’s unique and real, in real time. This is an amazing development in broadcast technology because your customers literally may have you in the palm of their hand at any time.

6. Increases Brand Awareness

Even when people don’t watch when you are live, if they see the notification and see that you did go live (and if there are comments on the live event, they’ll see those too), it will automatically increase awareness that you exist. The more activity there is, the more curious others will become.

7. Drives Traffic

Going live definitely drives traffic to your Facebook page. If you’re going live in a private group, it encourages participation. And, in both cases, it can also drive traffic to your products and services if you include a call to action in the video and in the comments.

8. It’s Saved for Future Viewing

Unless you direct it otherwise, Facebook saves the video so that it can be watched later by those who missed the live event, or by those who want to watch it again. You can also download it and repurpose it on YouTube or another venue.

When you use Facebook Live, it takes a little time to build up an audience. In fact, you may end up getting most of your views after the recording is active. But, you’ll make connections, and maybe even sales, long after you did the work for the video. This is the ultimate doing the work once while experiencing the payoff repeatedly through time!

Have you used Facebook Live?  Is it a waste of time?  Did it work for you?  Share your thoughts on the pros and cons in the comments.

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