The Lion King 2019 Review

“Remember who you are…”

I think this one statement sums everything about this almost scene for scene re-shoot in a nice little bow. I hadn’t watched the original version of this Disney movie in years and almost passed up the opportunity to watch this version. I’m glad I couldn’t sleep and changed my mind!

The acting was not as great as the original but considering where we are in the world, I think the statement of, “remember who you are” is so apropos to where we are in our in a little slice of history. It was nice to be reminded that no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in or how we often let fear cloud our judgment, we can always remember the greatness that lies within us.

So for that reason, I would suggest that you take a look at this “live action reboot” and remember your simpler times…

Have you watched this 2019 remake? What did you think about it? Did anything stand out for you? Let’s chat! 

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